Reckon Accounts

Reckon is Not For Sale and Other Stories

I attended the 2016 Reckon Accredited Partners conference last weekend and received a full immersion of the position of Reckon, where it was going as a company and what it had delivered or was delivering on its various accounting software platforms. Clive Rabie – CEO of Reckon was scheduled to participate in a ‘By the Fireside Chat’ at […]

Customer Payments made easy with Cloud

As many business owners know only too well; there is a multitude of administrative tasks required to manage a business from statutory reporting to managing the accounts and HR functions to looking after cashflow. All of which although necessary can be very time consuming. It is especially important for a business to stay on top […]

Reckon One – Time and Expense module

Whilst rumblings of a potential takeover of Reckon appear regularly in the press, the embattled software provider continues to deliver enhancements to its cloud-based accounting product, Reckon One. Reckon has promoted flexible product pricing as the main benefit of its software over competing products but Reckon One has always had a strong job costing flavour […]

Remaining relevant in the Cloud

News leaked out last week that international software giant, Intuit had laid off 399 employees representing almost 5 percent of the company’s 8,000 strong workforce. No further details relating to the geographical location or business unit were available apart from a reassurance from Intuit Communications Director Chris Repetto that  ‘This decision will have little to […]

The evolving face of Intuit in Australia

The US-based accounting software giant Intuit with its cloud accounting software QuickBooks Online is gaining momentum in its quest to acquire market share in Australia. The company made its initial forays into Australia back in 2012 and the next 12-15 months saw it create the necessary building blocks needed to operate as a viable cloud […]

Reckon One Unveiled – (almost)

The 2015 Reckon Roadshow visiting 22 locations around the country and reaching around 3000 people has kicked off this week. It is focusing almost exclusively on the new version of Reckon One cloud accounting software that will be released on 31st May. This is a new release not a new product (it was announced with […]

Payroll in the Cloud – what are the options?

Payroll and its associated compliance requirements can a complex and daunting task for many small businesses. Employees must be paid on time and their pay must be correct both in terms of work performed and compliance with Fair Work Australia and ATO requirements. All too frequently employers are not fully aware of their compliance obligations […]