Consolidation and Innovation – The Xero Trajectory

XeroCon in Australia is done and dusted for another year. With more than 3,000 accountants and bookkeepers from multiple countries attending, there was a certain amount of hype,  but going beyond that, Xero demonstrated that it was continuing to deliver a solid whole of business experience with a dizzying array of statistics. To list but […]

2016/2017 – the Then and the Now in the Cloud

2016 was the year when accounting software in the cloud indisputably came of age, it was also the year when most new comers to the cloud were not businesses migrating there but start-up businesses born there. Realistically – if a business has not yet migrated to the cloud, it probably for whatever reason; never will, […]

Reckon is Not For Sale and Other Stories

I attended the 2016 Reckon Accredited Partners conference last weekend and received a full immersion of the position of Reckon, where it was going as a company and what it had delivered or was delivering on its various accounting software platforms. Clive Rabie – CEO of Reckon was scheduled to participate in a ‘By the Fireside Chat’ at […]

MYOB – the Essentials

One of the disadvantages of moving to the country is that unless I travel to Sydney, I have to wait patiently for accounting software roadshows to visit regional NSW. MYOB Incite visited Port Macquarie in early March so I was able to hear their plans for 2016 and experience how ‘Tomorrow begins Today and Today […]

The exciting year for QuickBooks Online (QBO)

‘What I am really excited about is….’, said Nicolette Maury, MD of Intuit in Australia who demonstrably was excited when I spoke to her recently about developments and positioning of QuickBooks Online in Australia. Being excited about accounting software is now fairly widespread but I still enjoy meeting with like minded souls and knowing I am not […]

Payroll in the Cloud – what are the options?

Payroll and its associated compliance requirements can a complex and daunting task for many small businesses. Employees must be paid on time and their pay must be correct both in terms of work performed and compliance with Fair Work Australia and ATO requirements. All too frequently employers are not fully aware of their compliance obligations […]

Sage One – welcome to the latest member of the cloud family

News that Sage has entered the Australian small business cloud-based accounting software market with a localised version of Sage One coupled with some wet weather over the Easter break presented me with the opportunity to road test this new product. Managing Director of Sage Software Australia, Alan Osrin has been reported saying that Sage One […]