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Cloud Accounting Software – the new frontier

It was only a few short years ago that accountants and bookkeepers were on the cusp of an exciting new development as early adopters started to take advantage of the Triple A (Anywhere, Any time, Any Device) features of the cloud. Accounting software and data no longer had to reside on static storage and in […]

Xero – where to?

Xero continues to actively promote its profile and brand awareness with both above and below the line marketing. Street level advertisements are starting to pop up and roadshows throughout Australia in February have drawn more than 5000 attendees across 20 cities. The recent Xerocon in New Zealand  drew more than 900 accountants and bookkeepers. Xero […]

Reckon One – Release day has arrived

Today (11th February 2014) is probably an auspicious date to release the long awaited cloud accounting software, it is the day after Reckon formally ended its agreement with Intuit and the same day that the company launched its new website. It has been a long time from the fanfare of the product launch in May […]