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Intuit v Xero (or David v Goliath) – how are they travelling

In Australia today we have two cloud accounting software products competing in the small business space; Xero from our New Zealand neighbour and QuickBooks Online (QBO) from US-based Intuit. Although these aren’t the only two products in the market based on recent product developments, these two look to be outpacing the rest of the field. […]

Jockeying for position in the cloud – Xero v QuickBooks Online

Back in February, I posted a blog comparing Xero with QuickBooks Online (QBO) but change occurs rapidly in the cloud and although much of what I wrote back then still holds true, in the intervening eight months both have brought out new functionality, Xero has consolidated its position as the vendor with the fastest growing […]

Harmony in the Cloud – the new QuickBooks Online user interface

At the recent Intuit VIP Accounting Summit in the US, I was introduced to the new user interface for the QuickBooks Online cloud accounting software and was instantly impressed. For so long one of my main reasons for not recommending QuickBooks Online was the user interface – it was cumbersome, inconsistent, disorganised and dated. Now […]